© 2019 Copyright Sophie Canare


She cries at night, she dreams at daylight,

She hopes, she smiles, she never stops.

But once she will return in silence

To kiss the nightmare of the past.

On knees she falls, she begs forgiveness,

And tall she stands, head lifted up.

Instead of scream, there is just stillness,

A mask she holds to get her through.

She hits the wall, her hand is bleeding,

She feels the warmth beneath the pain.

And suddenly, all she's believing

Is just a shadow of her Fate.

I Dream of Dreams

That My Eyes Can Read,

When Written on the Sky

With the Sea Breeze...


Of the Distance

That You Have Never Walked.

Oh Kiss me

And then when you let go,

You will know the moment

When A Feeling lives longer

Than the Desire.